Lauren Tutssel has refined her design craft at some of London’s leading consultancies including The Brand Union, Springetts, Echo, Bloom, SeymourPowell and 1HQ.

Chickadee is the evolution of the legacy left by her dear father, Glenn Tutssel, whose deep love for design was evident until his early passing in 2019. Chickadee is the name that Glenn fondly gave Lauren when she was little when their shared passion for all things creative shone through. As Lauren forged her own successful path in the industry, they regularly worked side-by-side on some of the world’s top brands.

Lauren has inherited Glenn’s little black book of contacts and works with some of the top experts in their fields to ensure her big ideas are matched by perfect execution in illustration, artwork, copy, print production and 3D rendering.

Lauren has worked for a wide range of UK, European and global clients including Unilever, LVMH Belvedere, Penderyn, Diageo, SAB Miller and Philip Morris.

In her spare time Lauren loves making hats. They cause quite a stir at Ladies’ Day Ascot each year and with each new creation she tries to out-do herself. She delights in the hidden and is always looking for secret doors. She brings this insatiable curiosity to her work, seeking out inspiration to spark ideas.

Lauren’s studio helpers

Dudley (sandwich stealer)

Dotty (pencil chewer)

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